IPTV Server Quality Compared to regular Cable TV

The quality and speed of an IPTV is higher.

Publicado: 2021-04-21

The quality and speed of an IPTV is higher. This way you can exclusively enjoy images . This is also called 4k image. There are no limits on the number of TV channels that you can watch via IPTV. You have more than 3000 channels from all over the world. You can play the desired channel on multiple media at home without any restrictions. You get more, as it were, for a lower price than regular television. Furthermore, you don't have to download anything because everything is streamed. Streaming can be done with the help of an app, so you can say goodbye to that decoder next to your television.

Aimed at US and Canadian viewers!

The best sports channels in FullHD, ultimate image and sound quality! Watch FOX Sports 1 to 6 in FullHD and also the sports channels from UK / BE / DE / USA / TR / etc, enjoy every match with the sharpest image and sound as if you were in the stadium yourself and many more channels, we have more than 4000!

The best movie channels and rag movies of the moment:

Do you feel like watching a nice movie on the couch then we have the full range of movie 1 channels for you and 1000+ vod films and series. This offer is updated weekly.

Because stability and quality are our top priorities.

Our streams are in Full-HD with a high bitrate, very sharp image, we ensure that all channels arrive flawlessly in your living room and we also have a backup channel for most channels.

Mag / Formuler / Maxitec / BlomC and other Stalker Portal Boxes

If you have a box or client that works with a stalker portal such as the MAG and you have entered the mac address when ordering, we will activate it. Then it is further set up 1x and you have access to all our channels with EPG and all vod films and series.

Works on all devices without problem.

You can watch with m3u playlist on almost all devices, whether on your SmartTV, your iPhone or iPad, Android Box, or on your PC / Laptop. Watch where and when you want! For smart TVs from Samsung and LG, there is also a smart TV app for this we need the MAC address to activate. The same goes for other stalker portal based clients. Please indicate which device you will use when ordering.

Overview of all TV channels and video on demand.

We strive to always have the best offer in terms of image and sound quality. We update our range of rags almost daily and regularly update the channel range. Note that the list below is ALL channels, so the NL Complete package + International.

Prices of the IPTV Total package.

KS Hosting IPTV (https://iptvsubscription.site/ks-hosting-iptv/) have accounts for 1, 3, 6 or 12 months. When ordering you can choose which device or devices you want to connect to with our great HD Live TV and On Demand offering.

The prices are for 1 connection at a time. If you want to watch 2 devices, you can also indicate this when ordering. A surcharge has been charged for a second connection.

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